The TLS protocol is a security cornerstone for online protocols, including for web, sending and receiving email, chat and many more. Unfortunately, its operational aspects do not reflect its importance. TLS Pool is a project that aims at making TLS an easier protocol to operate on.


Preliminary, unstable and non-functional code has been written for this project.

We have a working daemon and interaction over the starttls(3) API call and indirectly using the Socket Protocol.

The client/server interaction has worked for plaintext connections (which is rather besides the point of the TLS Pool) but we do not have it working for actual TLS connections. Next up are OpenPGP and X.509 protected connections.

Source Code

The project is available in the following GIT repositories:

Note that we sometimes work in branches off the main one; this keeps that main branch stable, and permits us to continue development without attention to stability during the intermediate stages of the process.